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    1. Customer Service

      TEEE have a well established customer service system. TEEE will try it’s best to meet all customer demands for product technology, with a service goal of zero defects. We have a strict measure and strong technological effort on after-sale service to ensure our after-sale service. The service team will track the status to ensure timely service wherever the final destination.

      The main measures are as follows:  

      1. Arrange specific employee training according to customer’s demands.

      To achieve the perfect alignment of supplier and customer, TEEE will help trainers to master the fundamental knowledge of equipment operation and maintenance.

      2. Consulting Service

      TEEE will place high level of attention to all customer inquiries regarding product technology or quality issues and will respond in a timely manner in order to eliminate any customer concerns during the implementation of the contract.

      TEEE will inform customers in a timely basis to participate in the supervision of key processes. In order to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction, TEEE will listen to customers and rectify any deficiencies in design structure, manufacturing process and quality standards during the manufacturing process.

      3. Provide related documents and information to customers

      After the purchase contract has been signed, TEEE will provide the relevant information on pre-design and manufacturing to customers at the agreed upon set time and in the correct and appropriate format.

      4.  After-sale Service

      (1)  TEEE has introduced a very robust product warranty program.  If there is any issue caused by the product quality during the first three years (3-year warranty period), then TEEE will be responsible to repair or return or replace the product.  For any issues that are caused by other reasons, TEEE will also actively assist customer to resolve problems and ensure that products are placed back into operation in a timely manner.

      (2) To assist customer’s to solve various problems, TEEE’s Chief Engineer and technical experts will   lead the team to provide on-site technical support for installation and debugging of major equipment.

      (3) TEEE will maintain complete and accurate product quality records.  TEEE will do periodic quality checks so that any existing problem will be discovered and resolved in a timely manner.

      (4) TEEE will actively cooperate with customer to achieve the most effective field operation and maintenance of reactors.

      (5) Establish client feedback management system. Know better about the operating condition of equipment repaired by TEEE and our service quality, customer satisfaction survey and establish customer satisfaction survey.

      .TEEE operates on the principle of “Quality First, Customer First”.  TEEE will respond to all customer calls.  TEEE is committed to provide a clear response in 12 hours upon receipt of a customer issue.  If required, TEEE will provide the quickest on-site support possible.