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    1. R&D Capabilities

      Our company has always adhered to scientific development outlook since its foundation, regarding technical research and talent developing as our development goal. We have the special research center and also own a research team which is composed of top experts in the field of reactor from Canada, Brazil and China with high education, quality and level. This provides TEEE with a very strong and dynamic technical team.

      We attach great attention to the training and recruiting of talents. In order to expand our research team, we have been recruiting technical researchers. At the same time, we provide professional training for the existing talents regularly to improve their knowledge and innovation ability.

      Our top managers always believe that the long term development of an enterprise must depend on technical innovation and product researching. So we put great efforts on researching every year. Among several patent authorizations, it is necessary to point out that our dry type air core reactors have reached international level after inspection by experts regarding our “PKDGKL-800-6250-50 dry core smoothing reactor” as the typical representation.